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Fully Customisable Matric, Varsity and Baseball Jackets

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About Matric Jacket

Matric Jacket (.co.za) is dedicated to helping you design your perfect matric jacket. We are a division of Lion Ants Branding Solutions (Pty) LTD that has been specialising in corporate branding since 2013.

Designing your perfect matric jacket should not be a stressful experience. We have spoken to many schools in the last 5 years and the general feedback was that it causes more stress than anything else. That’s why we looked at the process currently used by our competitors and streamlined it to be what we offer today. We created a fun creative experience that’s not keeping you up at night.

Custom design

We offer a 100% custom solution giving you the freedom to choose the style, material, colour, padding, ribbing, lining, buttons and zip.

Quality material

We only use the best materials while keeping your budget in mind.

  • Triacetate: Cost effective and most popular
  • Softshell: High quality
  • Knitted: For cardigans and pullovers only
  • Cotton fleece: Mostly used for hoodies

Minimum order or 30 jackets.

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